‘Policies - Below are just a selection to view. All our policies and procedures are available to view at the nursery. You can view them on the parents information board, shared around the nursery where required or you can have a printed copy if requested.’


Policies are a set of guidelines that have been created to follow in certain situations. It means writing down ways of working and sharing them with parents and childcare inspectors. Policies can help develop and reflect on our practice.


It is good practice to review policies on a regular basis as they are working documents which reflect current work practices. Policies will be reviewed annually and more often if required.

Working in Partnership with Parents

We recognise and respect the parents’ primary responsibility for their child. Only when a relationship between nursery staff and parents involves two-way communication, listening to each other, valuing each other’s views, support in achieving the best outcomes for the child, does it become a partnership. Parent partnerships can mean different things to different people. It is important to us that our nursery staff develop a strong relationship with our parents to enhance the early years experiences – learning and development – of the children we care for. It is vital that we ensure all staff members have the confidence and skills to provide a warm welcome to parents and the ability to work closely with them, from the very beginning. Parent partnerships are a crucial part of a child’s early years’ experience. Effective relationships between staff and parents can have a lifelong impact and benefit to a child’s learning and well-being.

Exclusion of Children Who Are Poorly

It is important to safeguard all children from the risk of sickness and infection by assisting that the following procedure is followed at all times.


If a child is suffering from upset tummy, vomiting, diahorrea, doubtful rash, discharge from eyes or eye infections, the child must be 48 hours clear of all signs and symptoms before returning to our care. This also includes chickenpox, measles, bronchitis, conjunctivitis or any other childhood illness. This is to keep the risk of infection within the group to a minimum. We follow guidelines from the Department of public health. In the case of an illness developing during the day, parents will be contacted and asked to make arrangements to collect their child from the group as soon as possible. This will help to keep the risk of infecting the other children in the group.


Should children require medication during the course of the day, the relevant consent form must be completed by the parent. Should a child require prescribed medication by the doctor i.e. antibiotics, then your child is clearly not well, and should not return to the group until the course of medication is completed or your child is feeling better. If your child has an ongoing medical condition that requires medication on a regular basis, it will be requested of the parents that they sign a medication form along with a letter explaining how the medication is to be given and why the child needs the regular medication.

Settling In Policy

In the weeks prior to the planned admission of the child/ren, parents are invited and encouraged to visit the setting. Through spending time with their children and us, the parents will feel at ease when leaving their child to go back to work, also the child will become familiar and confident in their new environment. All families will be welcome to support their child/ren for as long as it takes, in order to settle into their new routine. The parents may wish to separate from their child for brief periods at first, then gradually increasing their time of absence. Parents will be offered one half session for free to settle in their child to the nursery. Other settling in sessions will be charged at full rate.


To help with the settling in we will establish daily routines, as routines play a central role in children's lives and it is through repetition and expectation of what will happen next that they increase in confidence. Children need to have security, as this will help them settle in and make friends.


Children and parents/carers are entitled to expect courtesy, prompt and careful attention to their needs. A copy of our complaints procedure is located in the main entrance clearly marked on our parent information board.  We welcome suggestions on how to improve our services, and any recommendations for changes in procedure will be fully noted and acknowledged. Should there be any aspect of our service that parents are uneasy about or not happy with the care which their child is receiving, we ask parents to please bring it to our attention. We deal with all complaints as soon as possible, in a sensitive and confident manner. We welcome all complaints, either verbal or written, all of which are dealt with promptly, written on the complaints form either by the parent or the manager, investigated immediately and a written account of the outcome will be issued within 14 working days of the date we receive the complaint. The parent is invited in for a meeting to discuss the outcome. We welcome both positive and negative feedback. We ensure that children and their parents feel confident that their complaint is listened to, taken seriously and acted on. If a complaint is made to a member of staff, then it is that member of staff’s duty to report it immediately to the manager and senior staff. 


Any concerns are recorded and dealt with in the same manner as complaints.


 If the complaint is still not resolved you can refer the matter to:-


  CIW Inspector 0300 7900 126


  CIW North Wales Region
  Welsh Government office
  Sarn Mynach
  Llandudno Junction
  LL31 9RZ


If the complaint is about the manager, then it needs to be referred to the CIW.

Alternatively parents have the right to complain to The National Assembly for Wales.

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