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Our work has one clear focus: your child's individual needs. In order for us to support your child's development in the best possible way, we employ people with different educational training backgrounds. They all attend regular further training courses, which enable them to bring new ideas and proposals to their daily work - ideas that will also benefit your child!


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Ellen Lloyd-Wilson

Director and Owner of Little Stars Deeside Ltd


Joined Little Stars Deeside Ltd in



E-Mail: ellen@littlestarsdeeside.com


A Note From Ellen

I qualified as a Nursery Nurse at Yale College in 1998 and started work in this nursery with mainly the 2-3 year olds in Yellow Room. I thoroughly enjoyed my role, being part of supporting and encouraging the children at play, whilst learning and developing. I observed and planned for their individual needs and built strong bonds and good working relationships with the parents. I progressed to Team Leader then shortly after to Manager.I supported the company with the opening of three other nurseries which gave me invaluable experiences and opportuninties.

I stayed commited and loyal with the same company for over 9 years, before deciding I would like to try a new challenge with different experiences. I worked in a small village school for a year as a teaching assistant, with children from infants through to juniors, I had amazing experiences, but missed being with the younger children.


Then an opportunity came along to take over this nursery. I went into partnership with Julie in July 2008, and we aimed to have a purpose built yet homely setting. We believed we had a strong, caring team that encouraged the children to participate in a variety of activities, where they developed and learnt in a safe, secure environment. We believed we acheived what we set out to do. Julie then sadly left the company in 2012 to start a new venture and I was very proud of what we had achieved together at Little Stars and since going solo feel we continue to have a strong team who work well together with the children's best interest at heart. I thoroughly enjoy my role at the nursery and I am well supported by loyal, dedicated team, we create good bonds with the children, and their parents. Our aim is to provide a homely setting where children can develop in all areas, where children's needs come first and parents needs are met by offering as much flexibility as is needed for the parents to return to work with complete trust and confidence in knowing their children are happy and safe. 

Since 2021 where I tragically lost my husband to cancer I have been supported by Becky who has taken over my full time role as nursery manager, so that I can spend much needed quality time with our daughter Annabelle. I am in touch with the nursery every day, and support wherever needed. I attend the nursery mainly between school hours so therefore unfortunately don't get to see and meet all the parents and families. However, I am lucky enough to still have a great bond with the children at the nursery and enjoy my time at Little Stars supporting the team in their roles and offering my support and guidance whenever they need it. 

Rebecca Medenica

Nursery Manager

Full Time


E-Mail: littlestarsdeesideltd@googlemail.com


Joined Little Stars 

July 2009

Maternity Leave - February 2010 - November 2010

Maternity Leave - October 2014 - September 2015


A Note From Becky

Since joining Little Stars in 2009 I have worked throughout all the rooms in the nursery.

I gained a lot of experience from working in each of the rooms and in 2012, I settled into Blue room and took over as the team leader.


I have always had a great relationship with all the parents and children at the nursery. I bring many different qualities and years of experience to the nursery. I am a naturally caring and hardworking individual who thrives on watching the children learn and develop to the next stages, I build strong, positive relationships with the children and parents in my care. I love messy, creative play and really enjoy circle time with the children, singing songs and reading stories.


I have always been passionate about supporting staff to develop to the best of their abilities and in 2018, I moved from my team leader role to join the management team to support staff training and induction full time. From here I began to use my knowledge to help and support other staff throughout the nursery to ensure they had the best possible training in childcare.


In 2021 I took over the role of Nursery Manager. I am so proud of this achievement.


I am very passionate about ensuring the children are happy, stimulated and well cared for in our safe and homely environment. I keep the team up to date with all the new legislation and ensure the policies and procedures set out are adhered to and updated when necessary. 


I have an amazing team that supports me and together we make Little Stars the family unit that we are.


Although I am not included in the room ratios, I love to be in the rooms with the children spending time with them all.


I am always available should any parents need any help or support.

Kelly Louise Davies

Management Support


Joined Little Stars

July 2008

Maternity Leave - February 2015 - July 2015


A Note From Kelly

I am a founding member of the Little Stars team. My journey began in the Red Room where I worked as part of a team with my own keychildren. I loved watching the children grow and develop, taking part in fun activities.


I was given the opportunity to move to Yellow room with my key children. This enabled me to continue to watch the children grow and develop. I thoroughly enjoyed my role whilst gaining knowledge of a different age range and planned daily routines. I enjoyed planning for the individual needs of the children and caring for them on a day to day basis.


In 2010 I started my training alongside Ellen to take on a more senior role to which I am established in today. Although supporting the management team with day to day running of the nursery took me away from the direct care of the children, I still like to keep involved and up to date with the development of all the children and of course see their characters :-)


I feel I have an excellent rapport with parents, staff and children within the nursery. I’d like to think of myself as an approachable person. I enjoy gaining new knowledge by going on courses. I have gained my NVQ Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for children’s learning and development, which has contributed to my confidence in delivering the best possible care to the children whilst motivitating a strong team of nursery nurses and being involved in their care and development on a daily basis. 


I monitor the care that is being offered at the nursery on a daily basis and ensure each child is welcomed and cared for to a high standard. I often cover in the rooms at lunchtime and enjoy the interaction with the children. 


Lois Dale

Officer in Charge

Nursery Nurse



Joined Little Stars

September 2019


A Note from Lois

Hi I'm Lois. During my time at Little Stars, I have developed so much as an individual.


Through the growth of my own confidence and the knowledge I have gained since joining, this supported me to complete my NVQ level 3 and now my personal goal is to continue training and achieve higher childcare qualifications. 


I love the bonds and relationships I have built up with all the children and parents. I am always available to help and support them both whenever they need me. 


Following my time as Blue rooms deputy team leader I am now training as the Officer in Charge. I am really looking forward to the new experiences this role will bring for me. 


As the Officer in Charge, I am responsible for supporting the staff everyday around the nursery, training new staff and providing hands on support in all of the rooms.

Tina Bentley

Admin Manager


Joined Little Stars

July 2008


E-Mail: tina@littlestarsdeeside.com


A Note from Tina

I joined Little Stars when they took over. I'm the finance administrator who looks after all the payments, fees and invoicing.


If you have any queries, get in touch with me here! I work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00am - 3pm. I am often the voice on the other end of the phone if you call to see how your little ones are doing.


I am based in the office but often go for a peek around the rooms to see the children having fun. I thoroughly enjoy my job and as a plus, the children make this a fun place to be.


Emma King

Team Leader

Nursery Nurse

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

November 2015


A Note from Emma

I studied childcare for two years before qualifying with a Level 3 qualification.


I have been on numerous placements whilst training and have done some maternity cover in another nursery before finding myself a full time position here at Little Stars.


I spent 6 years caring for the children in Yellow room. I really enjoyed being part of the pre-school room and supporting the children with their transition to school. I formed strong relationships with all the children and parents in the room especially my key children and their parents. I enjoyed planning craft activities and teaching the children the skills they required to create their own masterpieces. I am a naturally helpful, caring and very approachable person. With my kind caring personality, I made the children feel at ease with me, especially when on a transition from Red Room.


In October 2021 I transitioned into Baby room where I am now the team leader. I love my new role and I especially love working in the Baby room. 

Rebecca Powell

Deputy Team Leader

Nursery Nurse

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

July 2008 - October 2013

October 2017 


A Note From Becca

I always enjoyed helping out at Little Stars from when I was a teenager, I enjoyed it so much that I decided to join the team at 18. I always feel it’s important to encourage and support the children to develop the best they can, this inspired me to gain my qualification as a nursery practitioner. I stayed at Little Stars for 5 years mainly working in the Blue Room.


Then after 5 years at Little Stars and at a stage in my life I looked in to a change of career to gain further experiences in another area I felt passionate about which was caring and protecting the elderly. So, in my break from Little Stars I gained more experience on protecting vulnerable people whilst working in a residential home, this taught me compassion and respect but I missed the smaller children and the sense of satisfaction and achievement from seeing them grow and develop with confidence.


I joined back at Little Stars after leaving to look after the elderly but I realised my heart lay with looking after children. Once I had my little boy in 2017 I decided I would like to return to childcare. My little boy joined back at Little Stars with me in 2017. I loved to see how much he grew and developed during his time here. This really helped and supported him when he transitioned on to school. He enjoys returning in the school holidays. 


What I bring to the team mainly is, I like talking (a lot!) and hope I make the parents feel welcome and at ease whilst building trusting relationships for them to feel comfortable leaving their children in our care. I’m sensitive and attentive to the needs of each child. I’m creative and really enjoy making craft cards for the children and their families. I’m a big kid at heart and love to dance around with the children. I support Emma in her role as Team Leader as her Deputy Team Leader.

Jodie Postlewhite

Team Leader

Nursery Nurse

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

February 2016


A Note From Jodie

After qualifying from Deeside College in 2013 with a level 3 BTEC qualification in childcare I applied at Little Stars nursery because I enjoy working with children and helping to ensure they are happy and nurtured. I enjoy planning and implementing a variety of activities with the children and enjoy getting messy with them too.


Since 2018 I have been Blue rooms Team Leader. I have the support of Ellie who is my Deputy and a brilliant team of staff who also help make the Blue room team. I have a great team that supports me. Together we ensure the children have lots of fun every day and have a large variety of stimulating and messy activities to enjoy.


I am always here for the parents if they need any help or support and am always happy to help.

Ellie Cartwright

Deputy Team Leader

Nursery Assistant

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

May 2021


A Note from Ellie

Hi, my name is Ellie. When I joined Little Stars, I had completed my level 2 core at Coleg Cambria. Now I have completed my Level 2 practise and I am currently completing my Level 3 practise. 


When I began at Little Stars, I trained in all the rooms. I was so adaptable that I could fully support any room I worked in. I knew all the children throughout the nursery and the parents. I was offered the opportunity to work in Blue room and I knew this was the room I wanted to be in full time. I loved working in all the rooms but being based in a room with my own key children was what I wanted.

I am a very fun and caring person and have a natural ability to care for all the children. 


After working in Blue room for 2 years, I have taken on the role of Deputy Team Leader. I support Jodie in her role each day. 


Shannon Brockley

Nursery Nurse

Full Time 


I am mostly known as Shan. I am Level 3 qualified. Little Stars was my first role when I left college. I thoroughly enjoy my time spent with the children in my care. I found that my preferred age for working with is 1-2 year,  after spending time in other rooms with the other aged children. I felt my strengths were better in the blue room where I encouraged the children to become independent learners and promoting their own little personalities to shine through. Once my confidence grew I gained key children, which gave me a great sense of achievement, especially when I had supported their development ready for them to continue on their journey whilst on the  transition to Red Room. 


After three year service, I left Little Stars to work at another Early Years setting, where I gained experience, leading the baby room, but after a few months in this role, I decided my heart was still with little stars, and when an opportunity came up for me to return to the blue room, I took it and I returned happily.


You will still find me working in the blue room at little stars today. I really enjoy working in this room and seeing the children learning and developing skills such as speech and language as it's very rewarding. My favourite activity is messy play, this could be with glitter, paint or outdoors in the mud. I feel the children gain lots of new skills during messy play activities as it can enhance their skill and support speech and language when we have little discussions and use keywords.  I am a big fan of craft and love producing all the lovely cards and pictures with the children to bring home. You will often find me at the craft table.


I have formed very good bonds with the children in my care and with greater confidence, I always aim to build a good professional relationship with the parents. 

Shelley Murray

Nursery Nurse

Part Time


Joined Little Stars

July 2008 - September 2011

March 2014 - To MAT Leave

Maternity Leave - May 2017 - February 2018

Maternity Leave April 2022 - February 2023

February 2023 - Present 


A Note from Shelley

I joined Little Stars originally in July 2008 where I gained my NVQ level 3 in childcare. I worked in the Baby room up until September 2011 as I left to go to university to further my knowledge in education and childhood studies.


I returned to Little Stars in March 2014 as I missed being with the younger children and being part of their development. I have worked with children from the age of 16 and it is something I very much enjoy. I get great satisfaction in planning activities that will benefit your child’s learning and development as well as having a great time. I also like to take these fun filled activities outside for the children to enjoy in the fresh air. I like to think of myself as a caring person and I enjoy making sure all children’s needs are met and that they enjoy their time at nursery. I helped to set up a new baby room at Little Stars to meet the needs of the younger babies who join us. I am a naturally caring individual who hopefully helps parents to have a smooth transition when returning to work and leaving their precious children in our care.


I now work supporting all of the rooms in the nursery 3 days each week. You will mainly see me supporting in Blue room.

Leah Eagle

Trainee Nursery Assistant

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

July 2023


A Note from Leah

Hiya, my name is Leah. I joined Little Stars in July as a trainee nursery assistant. 


I am really enjoying getting to know the children and building professional relationships with the parents and team. I am looking forward to starting my level 2 qualification and then completing my level 3.


I am enjoying getting to experience all the rooms including Blue, Red and Yellow and getting to know their different routines and the day-to-day running’s of the nursery. I look forward to supporting and assisting in the learning and development of the children.


Lauren Johnson

Nursery Assistant

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

August 2021


A Note from Lauren

Hi, I’m Lauren. I have been part of the Little Stars family for many years but have been working here since August 2021.


When a position became available, I applied straight away as I knew childcare was what I wanted to do.


I carried out my training throughout all the rooms however I knew Red room was the room I wanted to work in full time.


I have successfully completed my Childcare level 2 qualification and I am currently completing my level 3 qualification.


I love playing with the children. My favourite activities are messy play and anything that creates smiles on the children’s faces! Then I like getting together with a book and having cosy time.


This year I have taken over as Red rooms Team Leader. I have a brilliant team that support me and together we make the Mighty Red room team.


Abigail Powley

Trainee Nursery Assistant

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

March 2022


A Note From Abbie

I started at Little Stars in March 2022 and I am currently completing my NVQ level 2 qualification.


I have always wanted to work with children, so starting at Little Stars was so exciting for me. I love watching the children grow and develop and I love knowing that I have helped each child individually.


I have worked in Red room since I joined Little Stars however I did have a training period in Yellow room which gave me the knowledge I needed to ensure when children begin their transition from Red room to Yellow room, they have all of the skills they need to adapt to the pre-school room and the routine.


I am the Deputy Team Leader of Red room and support Lauren in her role.


I always create strong bonds and relationships with the children and their parents, it I such an amazing part of my job. 



Natalie 'Kaye' Edwards

Nursery Nurse

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

November 2018 - August 2022

June 2023 - Present


A Note from Kaye

Hello I’m Kaye. I am so happy to be back at Little Stars.


I worked in Yellow room from November 2018 until August 2022. From here I took a Room Leader position at another nursery where I worked with toddler aged children and gained a lot of experience and training with Flying Start.


I decided I wanted to return to Little Stars and I am now working in Red room where I have already been sharing my experiences and knowledge with the rest of the team.


With my knowledge of Flying Start and the teams knowledge, I know we can continue to support the children to get the best outcomes for them all.


I love craft and messy play and doing anything creative with the children. I am getting to know the parents and creating bonds and relationships with the children already. I am very friendly and have a very bubbly attitude. 


Marie-Louise Williams

Team Leader

Nursery Nurse



Joined Little Stars

October 2017

Maternity Leave - January 2022 - January 2023


January 2023 - present


A Note from Marie-Louise

I have NVQ Level 3 in Children's Care, learning and development and have worked with children for many years. Looking after children in a variety of different settings, from nurseries, schools and kids club representative abroad. I took some time out when I had my little girl. After this I did some relief work covering in schools and pre-schools. But I soon returned back to my 'home'.


I was originally based in Yellow room where I supported the team in there on a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and covering lunches 11-2 on a Monday and Friday. I had my own key children in yellow room which I loved.


When a full-time position became available in the baby room I knew this was the position for me. I love to work with all age groups but I wanted to experience a different age group. I really enjoyed working in the baby room and had my own growing list of key children who I loved watching grow and develop every day. I loved working with the children. Helping to develop their abilities further and encouraging them to play and join in with our fun filled activities. It was a great pleasure sharing their milestones and supporting the babies and their parents with the transition to Blue Room. I built the most amazing relationships up with the families. I then left for maternity leave, of course I missed all the babies but I always kept in touch.


Now, after maternity leave and welcoming my little boy Josef to the world, I have returned back to Yellow Room as a Team Leader. It’s been so lovely coming back into Yellow Room, engaging, encouraging and helping the children become happy content, little people, whilst working towards the new curriculum


Karen Stenner

Trainee Nursery Assistant

Full Time


Joined Little Stars

January 2023


A Note from Karen


I am a trainee nursery assistant. I am originally from Bristol where I worked as a level 2 teaching assistant. I worked with primary children from reception up to year six. I worked in the same school for 13 years. 


I moved up north about six years ago, and I absolutely love living in North Wales. 


I’m so happy to be working with smaller children again after a few years break, I look forward to getting to know all the children and parents in my care.


I am a caring individal who has all the time in the world to listen to the children's tales.  




Jess Smallwood

Forest School and Educational Co-Ordinator

Nursery Nurse

Part Time


Joined Little Stars 

March 2012

Maternity Leave - November 2018 - May 2019

A Note From Jess

I have been at the nursery for many years and love watching it grow and develop. I really enjoy my time at Little Stars, so much so that I'm not a big fan of taking time off!! I enjoy making up different games for the children to play. I love going outside and looking for bugs with the children and getting involved in lots of different activities. We often like to pretend we are going on a bear hunt, or we go in search of the Gruffalo. I love art and craft, the messier the better!! I like seeing the children having fun with paint and seeing each child's different personalities. My speciality is organising spontaneous activities as well as planning fun filled creative ones. I create strong bonds with all the children in my care. I love watching the children play and see then interacting with each other. For four years I was based in Red Room, when my key children were on the move to Yellow Room I thought I would try transferring with them to spend some time in the next room. I enjoyed it that much that when an opportunity came for me to transfer in there full time I went for it. Although at first I was apprehensive, because I had always enjoyed my time in Red Room, (and I'm not a big fan of change), I now feel that I made a good choice. I enjoy working with the pre-school children and love being part of the forest school planning and developing the outdoor area. I feel privileged to be part of the children's final months before they transfer to ‘Big School’ and hopefully contribute positively to ensure a smooth transition to their next big adventure.


Liza Powell

Nursery Nurse

Part Time


Joined Little Stars

April 2010


A Note From Liza

I first started work at Little Stars as dinner time cover, but enjoyed my time here so much I enrolled onto a child care course to gain a qualification in something I love doing. I am a fluent Welsh speaker and love to encourage the language here at the nursery. I help and support the staff with their knowledge of Welsh to promote to the children throughout the whole nursery. I always talk to the children in Welsh who are fluent Welsh during play activities and everyday conversations. I also like to talk to the parents in Welsh too. Little Stars is the first nursery I ever worked at. Before deciding to become a nursery nurse I was a full time stay at home Mum. I have 3 beautiful daughters, who make me very proud. I cover within all of the rooms throughout the nursery.

Carmen Evans

Nursery Nurse

Part Time


Joined Little Stars

November 2022


A Note from Carmen

I have had over 20 years experience in Early Years settings, and I have a long association with Little Stars which stems back to 1995.


During my career I have managed various childcare settings and have fulfilled many roles that have supported parents, children and nursery teams.

I find it extremely rewarding working with children and parents.


Currently I work part time supporting as part of the Little Stars team whilst I also spend time bringing up my twin teenage daughters. 


Although I work supporting in all the rooms, you will mainly see me based in Blue room. 


Tara Jenkins

Trainee Nursery Assistant 

Part Time


Joined Little Stars

November 2022


A Note from Tara



My reason for joining Little Stars was a complete change in my career having two children myself I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. I’m a very outgoing person with a fun sense of humour. I love to have a dance and get messy with the children. Best thing for me is having cuddles and snuggles with the babies. At present I am working my way through my NVQ level two in childcare which I’m enjoying and I’m looking forward to doing the level three once completed. Seeing the children develop and progress in every day activities is highly satisfying and it’s a pleasure to work with such happy, smiley children.



Alysha Holland

Nursery Assistant

Part Time


Joined Little Stars

December 2022


A Note from Alysha

Hello I’m Alysha! I love being part of the little stars family! Little stars has always had a close place in my heart from visiting as a child to working there as an adult!

I have been part of the red room crew ever since I started back in December 2022 and I have loved every minute of it! This is my first time working in a childcare environment and I have learned and developed so much since my very first day working at the nursery.

I’d like to say I’m very creative with the children and I am constantly coming up with new artistic things to try and new activities for the children to experience. I am also very fond of the odd karaoke with the children, who doesn’t love a Disney sing-a-long!

I have a degree in English literature and creative writing as well as a Master’s in creative writing, and I love to incorporate this where I can to help develop the children’s linguistic skills! I love sitting down and reading a story with them or even coming up with my own story that they can all be in!

I absolutely love every minute working with the children and it really makes my day to see that I can make a difference in their lives and put lots of smiles on their faces!

Sian Batt

Head Chef



Joined Little Stars

December 2015


A Note from Sian

I am the head chef here at Little Stars, my 3 children attended when they were younger, so even before I was employed I knew the team and what would be expected of me.


I have over 20 years’ experience being a chef and managing a kitchen.


I provide the children with nutritional, tasty meals. Little Stars periodically sends me on courses to keep my training up to date.


I mainly work Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. 


My day begins at 8:30 preparing toast and cereal for the children, after breakfast I tidy up and start preparing a savoury and sweer lunch. After lunchtime I enjoy my own Lunch, before preparing snack a tea.


Our Nursery kitchen has a hatch into the dining room, so the children will watch me cook, they like to chat and ask me questions about what I am cooking.


I twice daily fill in my paperwork such as food, fridge and freezer temperatures and risk assessments. I adhere to standards of cleaning at all times and complete my cleaning schedules maintain the 5-star rating.


I have planned our menus, taking into account any children’s dietary requirements. Every menu provides a balanced diet in accordance with tiny tums guidelines. The menus are on a four-week rotation and are also seasonal (Spring/Summer) (Autumn/Winter).


The focus on nutrition as an early year’s chef is very different from being a chef somewhere else.


In the nursery absolutely everything must be healthy. I cook from scratch. We limit the use of sugar and I don’t use salt in anything.


Aswell as cooking I complete all paperwork and maintain the kitchen. I am responsible for all the kitchen equipment and making sure everything is safe. 


Rachel Ellis


Part Time


Joined Little Stars

September 2022


A Note from Rachel


I am here to support the team to ensure the nursery is a clean and safe environment for all. I love being able to interact with the children and hear all about their day. Because of my shift times I also get to meet a lot of the parents too. I really enjoy my role and being part of the amazing team here at Little Stars. The children always put a great big smile on my face.


Often I will give a helping hand to the rooms after a busy day, some well deserved catch up time, and I sometimes support the chef in the kitchen too. 


My daughter has attended the nursery on a few occassions when she was younger before she started school, and now she's hoping to return during the holidays for a catch up ith everybody. 



Carol Massey


Part Time


Joined Little Stars

January 2018


A Note from Carol
As well as my housekeeping duties I assist the rooms with the children's mealtimes. I love interacting with the children, seeing what they get up to during their day and during mealtimes I help them to use their cutlery and encourage independence.  I like the feeling of knowing I have helped a child to develop a new skill through encouragement and praise at meal times. I am a very caring person who likes to take time out to speak to the children and listen to their lovely stories about how their day has been and what they have been doing. They do make me giggle at times.


During my time at Little Stars I have supported Sian, the head chef in the kitchen, working part time and covering her holidays. I prepared  the children’s meals and maintained the high standards of the day to day running of the kitchen. 


November 2023 - Update 
Due to becoming of retirement age I am now returning to my original role as Little Stars' house keeper. I will mainly be working on a Friday. Although I'm hoping to cover during busy times. You may see me in the kitchen, or during lunchtimes where I can support the children in the dining room. I'd like to think that now is my time to chill and relax, but I have a feeling I'll probably be busier than ever!! My time now will  be spent with my family and friends. 


If the kitchen staff need covering at any time I will continue to support in this, I enjoy very much preparing the children’s meals and seeing them enjoy every last bite.


I will also still be on hand to offer cover over lunch time….Nanna Carol will only be one call away.

I have worked at Little Stars since 2018 and I enjoy every second of it. 


I love seeing all the children and hearing about their day.  The majority of the children and staff call me "Nanna"  which just makes me chuckle, I love it!! My kind, caring nature means the children are at ease with me, and my happy, fun personality means we have some good giggles together.


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